6 Pieces Baby Cot Set Gold & Navy-30272

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  • 6 Pcs Stitched Baby Cot Set 

Packages Contain:

Baby Cot (6 Pcs) Includes:

  • 01 Comforter         / 50 x 60 Inches  
  • 01 Mattress            / 40 x 50 Inches 
  • 01 Pillow Filled       / 10 x 13 Inches
  • 01 Cushion Filled    / 10 x 10 Inches 
  • 02 Neck Roll Filled   / 6 x 12 Inches 

      Fabric Details:

      • Fabrics Material: Palachi 
      • 360 GSM


      • Color Brightness May Differ Because the Computer screen and Product are Pictured under Flash Lights.
      • Pillow Covers Design Depends on Vertical Cutting Pattern.
      • Tolerance: +- 3% in Size And Threads.

      Product Washing Instructions:
      To ensure that your bedding is correctly treated in the machine and to obtain the best possible results please read the following washing instructions:
      Drying in bright sunlight for extended periods of time may result in color fading.New bed linen should be washed before use with a mild detergent in cool or lukewarm water (30°C/86°F).Do not use high temperatures. Excessive heat damages the yarn and its natural feel of softness. It also causes the fabric to shrink too much. It is kinder to the environment to wash at 40°C/ 104°F or lower.
      6 Pieces Baby Cot Set Gold & Navy-30272
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