Export Quality Flat & Terry Kitchen Towel Red Stripe

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  • This pack includes a variety of towel textures to cater to different needs in your home. It consists of 2 solid dyed towels, 2 flat woven yarn dyed towels, and 2 reversible terry yarn dyed towels. These towels can be used for various purposes such as drying dishes, cleaning kitchen countertops, wiping up spills, covering baked goods, or even as decorative accents.
  • This adorable kitchen towel pack is designed to handle all your wiping, drying, and covering needs. You can use them as dish drying rags, for wiping up messes, covering bread and baked goods, or simply display them as charming decor on a rack. These versatile towels offer multiple uses throughout your home.


  • 02 Kitchen towels in different Style  
  • 03 Kitchen towels in different Style  
  • 06 Kitchen towels in different Style  

    Product Details:

    • Material: 100%  Combed Cotton
    • Size:  20 X 27 Inches 
    • Color and Fabrics Guaranteed 
    • Soft Hand Feel 
    • Highly Water Absorbent 


      • Before using the towel, wash it with warm water. This will help protect your skin from any potential harm.
      • Color Brightness May Differ Because the Computer screen and Product are Pictured under Flash Lights.
      • Tolerance: +- 3% size And Wight 

      Product Washing Instructions:
      To ensure that your Towels are correctly treated in the machine and to obtain the best possible results please read the following washing instructions:
    • Drying in bright sunlight for extended periods of time may result in color fading.
    • New towels should be washed before use with a mild detergent in cool or lukewarm water (30°C/86°F).
    • Do not use high temperatures. Excessive heat damages the yarn and its natural feel of softness. It also causes the fabric to shrink too much. It is kinder to the environment to wash at 40°C/ 104°F or lower.

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